Alternative Medicine: A new hope for patients of Ulcerative Colitis

“Doctor either KILL ME OR CURE ME” were the first words of Jasvir Kaur a patient of Ulcerative Colitis when she visited me at my Clinic in Punjab. Jasvir Kaur was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) for the past 12 years and was under treatment from a premier institute in Chandigarh after that from Ludhiana. In the early 3 to 5 years her symptoms were controlled by Steroids which as expected gave her a lot of side effects but ignoring that she had relief in her symptoms and the disease used to get under control. But after 5 years of suffering Jasvir became dependent on steroids and the real problem began for her. She was continuously put on steroids for about 7-8 years, giving her merely any control of the symptoms. Then her treating doctors of leading institution in Ludhiana began to worry about the side effects of Steroids so decision was taken to give IV Infusion of Inj. Infliximab (Remicaid) Although very expensive for the family of Jasvir, they sold their land in the hope of getting any relief but all the efforts of family were in vain as the frequency of the stools and the bleeding did not decrease. After all the treatment failed she was referred to Gastro Surgeon for surgery in which the entire Large Intestine is removed (Colectomy).

Then they came to me after getting a reference from the patient who had a similar situation and got treated at our Punjab center. On her first visit she had already lost all the hope of treatment after spending a huge amount of their fortune on the treatment. She has lost a lot of weight and was looking as if clothes were hung on a skeleton. After hearing all her history decision was made to put her on our alternative treatment along with supportive treatment.

What next??? She started to respond after 4 weeks of alternative treatment. Her stool frequency decreased, Blood in stools decreased, her Hemoglobin and her weight increased. The family was happy and she couldn’t even express her happiness. We were able to control her condition within 6 months and she was off her medicines completely after 18 months of treatment. After that they came to me not for treatment this time but for giving news about conceiving a Child! Which was a distance dream for the couple after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

There are many patients of Ulcerative Colitis who have lost their hope for getting treated as the modern (allopathic medicine) is not very effective in treating the disease and surgery is not a great option especially for young age as it is coupled with lot of complications. In my opinion, if the patient is treated with alternative treatment like Ulcerin Compound -1 & Ulcerin Compound -2 are used even if combined with supportive therapy initially tremendous success is achieved for alternative medicine for Ulcerative Colitis.

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